Hackintosh is Alive!! Update

So the magic has happened! I successfully booted my Core I7-920, Msi x86 Pro-E, gts 250 10.6.3 snow leopard hackintosh; i am actually writing this blog post on it.

The hardware install was fairly straightforward. I was extra cautious as this was the first time i had ever done anything like this. The first thing I did was attach the core i7-920 cpu to the msi x86 pro-e motherboard. This wasn’t too difficult, it was easy to see how everything fit into place. I then attached my 4gb gskill ddr3 ram to the motherboard. Again, very easy. Then it was time to screw the motherboard on to the case. There were 12 screws included with the motherboard and these screws had tops that went into each other. I mistakenly thought at first that you didnt need to double up the screws – this was wrong. It turns out that you put one screw in the case, then put the mobo on it, then put one final screw on top of that. The thing that confused me was that there were 12 screws, but room for 16. I eventually figured this out and got the mobo securely in place. I then installed the PNY 1gb gts 250 video card. I had done something like this before so i easily popped in the card to the PCIe x16 spot. It was now time for connecting the 2 wd 500gb sata hdds and blu-ray the optical drive. My coolmaster 690 case made this very simple. I simply slid the drives into place. I then connected all of the red sata cables to their respective places. I wished I had a little smaller fingers when I was doing this, but i managed to weasel my cables into place. All I had left was the rosewill 1000w power supply unit. Fortunately this finally came in the mail the next day. I was kind of unsure on which way to install this at first. I knew that it was placed on the bottom of the case, but i wasnt sure which way the fan pointed. Through some research, I figure out that the fan should point through the bottom of the case because it sucks air in. I got the screws tightly into place and it was now finally time to connect everything up!
The first thing i conected was the main 24pin connecter from the psu to the mobo, then i also connected the 8pin socket near the cpu. Those were the only two places the psu connected to the motherboard. I also saw a 6pin connecter on the video card so i attached that as well. I had already connected the cpu fan, and the back fan cable easily reached the mobo, but the front fan was challenging. I had to take the fan completely off the casing and detach the cable from the clips pointing it downward. When i re-routed the cable to go upward it just barely reached the connector on the mobo. The cable is on there securely and out of the way of everything else, so i feel this is the way it was designed to be. Next was another confusing part, connecting all the power cables to the sata drives. I mistakenly started from the bottom drive and ended up inverting my connecters 180 degrees to get the placed correctly. A little common sense then told me that I should have started at the top and worked my way down! So that’s what I did, I started with my optical drive and worked my way down to the hdds. Wow, I think it’s just about time to fire her up!
So thats what I did, I worked up my nerves, made sure everything was connected securely, and clicked the power button!

And Viola, I successfully see a bios screen after a few seconds. I did it! I built my first computer!
The first thing I was advised to do was run memtest to check to see if the ram was bad. After 5 hours, I successfully made 6 passes, and confirmed the ram was good. I was in good shape! But it isn’t over yet; I still have to install os x, the goal was to make a hackintosh, wasn’t it?