Greatness is Upon Us!!

The greatness is upon us!! is finally finished! After 6 weeks of on and off development time I bring to you a constantly updated feed of information in a usable and elegant style.

Tour of the Site

The intent is to make this site clear and easy for the user to navigate. The navigation in the header, footer, and sidebar will stay consistent across all pages. Think of it as a backward C shape. Most of the main content will be delivered remotely by my social networks – Facebook, Twitter, and Delicious. The articles and blog posts will be provided by wordpress and can be seen on the homepage, rss feed, or through an archive page. Three of the four pages in the header are fairly static and will rarely be updated. The exception being the photos page; which will be updated whenever I update whenever I add a new album to facebook. The sidebar gives links twitter, old blog posts, random photos, and the book I am now reading along with a library link to my previously read books. Last, the footer is comprised of links to my social networks, my currently bookmarked links, a repeat of navigation, hatred for ie6, and a vicious copyright notice. Continue reading “Greatness is Upon Us!!”